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Remove Barriers. Improve Lives. Reduce Costs.

Shifting from reactive mental healthcare to a proactive emotional health model is the key to managing the rising human and business costs of mental health.

Of individuals experience a mental health condition in their lifetime

Are not receiving the mental health care they need

Is the average time a person waits to receive care

The Benefits of Prevention and Early Identification

Reduce the onset and severity of mental health conditions

Better condition management for individuals with chronic diseases

Less missed workdays due to mental health symptoms

The Tools Your Employees Need to Take Action Today

With Emvitals, participants can check in on their emotional health and seamlessly connect to the support they need.


High-Engagement Platform

Our customizable web-based portal makes it simple for participants to use anytime, anywhere.

Prevention And Early-Detection

The Emvitals holistic assessment tool identifies emotional health symptoms early and creates a personalized pathway to care.

On-Demand Personalized Care

Participants partner with a dedicated Care Navigator to connect to the right care and resources.