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Traditional Mental Healthcare Isn’t Working

The stigma surrounding mental health is finally decreasing. However, today’s reactive-based care continues to leave too many individuals untreated while being a too-little-too-late solution for those who eventually receive care.


Proactive Emotional Health

The Emvitals holistic assessment proactively identifies mental and behavioral health symptoms and connects more individuals with personalized care and support they need sooner.

Shifting from reactive mental healthcare to proactive emotional health means more people receive support now, reducing the onset and severity of mental health conditions later.


A Holistic Approach To Mental Health

Emotional health is a dynamic state of being that influences our quality of life, relationships, and work. It’s the alignment of our mental health, physical health, well-being, and social determinants.

The Emvitals evidenced-based holistic assessment helps participants understand why they feel the way they do, motivating them to take action. And providers are more informed, resulting in better care and outcomes.


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Immediate Connection To Quality Care

With Emvitals, participants not only check in on their emotional health, they are seamlessly connected to quality care and support that is right for them.

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High-Engagement Platform

Our configurable web-based platform makes it simple for people to use anytime, anywhere.

Prevention And Early-Detection

The Emvitals holistic assessment tool identifies emotional health symptoms early, empowering individuals with their own data.

On-Demand Personalized Care

Participants partner with a Coach or a dedicated Care Navigator to connect to the right care and resources.

Early Intervention and Quality Care Work

We know early intervention and personalized care works.
We help people live happier, better lives.

“I am really thankful that I was given the opportunity to participate... My results were night and day! I went from being at high risk for anxiety/depression/stress to low risk in just three months. I could not believe the difference and how good I felt. I recommend anyone to use the program.”