Emvitals Solution for Protecting Emotional Health During Crisis

Proactive outreach and a holistic assessment of overall emotional health is critically important to identifying those at increased risk during this crisis.

Our targeted assessment tool identifies the unique challenges and risk factors individuals face as the first step toward providing responsive and proactive care.

The data-driven Emvitals solution and weekly reassessment tools allow organizations and individuals to track stress overload in real time for continued monitoring and progress.

Proactive Outreach

Our highly configurable interface engages employees, patients and plan members in proactively assessing emotional health.

Targeted Assessment

The Emvitals assessment tool identifies the perceived ability to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and interrelated areas of well-being. A personalized emotional health report is immediately generated for the user.

Personalized Connection To Care

Emvitals Care Navigators provide in-the-moment support and connection to resources for at-risk individuals. The platform easily integrates with care management systems and electronic health records (EHRs).