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Get Ahead and Stay Ahead of Employee Emotional Health

Build a culture that values emotional health.

Equip Leaders with the training and tools they need to support employees

Empower Employees with an easy first step to understand their emotional health

Improve Access through an ongoing emotional health campaign that educates and motivates employees toward care


Download our guide to improving
employee emotional health.


A Whole Population Solution

Proactive outreach drives high engagement across your whole population, supporting members across the emotional health spectrum.


Early Detection



Connection To Care

Give Your Employees the Tools to Take Action Today

We work closely with you to design a customized participant experience that drives engagement into your existing resources, addresses gaps in care, and measures outcomes.

With the high-touch support from their Care Concierge, members create a personalized action plan and get the support they need to easily connect to effective support and care.

Immediate Connection to a Mental Health Professional

Emotional Health Coaching

Customized Resources & Referrals

We've Created a Simple Pathway to Success

Proactive Outreach

Invite your population to complete the confidential Emvitals Emotional Health Assessment Tool

Early Identification

Members are given immediate access to their emotional health results and personalized recommendations

Personalized Care

Members receive one-on-one clinical support and guidance from a Care Concierge