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A New Standard Of Measurement

Emvitals is a comprehensive scientific survey instrument that measures, reports, and tracks an individual’s emotional health.

Emvitals evidenced-based tool paints a complete picture of an individual’s emotional health by assessing for mental health symptoms and the drivers of emotional health.

Mental Health:
Risk for common and highly treatable behavioral health conditions

Social Determinants:
Events and environmental factors that underlie emotional health risk

Primary drivers of emotional health such as stress and sleep

Health behaviors and chronic conditions known to increase risk for or have high rates of comorbidity with behavioral health conditions

Customized For You and the People You Care For

The Emvitals report activates participants toward the right care and resources by empowering them with a picture of their overall emotional health.

We work with you to create a customized care strategy for your population. Our platform is highly configurable and takes advantage of solutions and programs you already offer, driving up utilization.

Immediate Connection to Personalized Care

Emvitals Care Concierge

Participants have a virtual consultation with a mental health professional to review their results and create a plan of action.

At-risk participants receive a warm transfer into ongoing support including short-term counseling, substance abuse treatment, and psychiatry.


Emvitals EHealth Coaching

Specially trained coaches partner with participants to build skills to address the root causes of chronic stress, increase energy, and build resilience.

Data, Reporting, and Critical Insights

Participants can track their own journey, and leaders gain real-time insights to identify population-level trends early and make strategy decisions informed by data.

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What Our Partners Are Saying



Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions incorporates the Emvitals assessment tool as a key component of the Johns Hopkins Balance mental health program. Participants receive their results immediately after completing the assessment and are quickly connected to personalized care to strengthen and support their emotional health.


Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions



Our partnership with Emvitals enables our onsite clinicians and coaches to quickly and effectively evaluate our members and connect them to the care they need. Emvitals has become a trusted technology and strategy partner to our team.


Kevin Porter, CEO, SentryHealth



Orriant has focused on employee behavioral health for over 15 years, proving employers can drive down costs when they create a culture that values early intervention. When I met Jennifer and saw the Emvitals platform, I immediately realized Emvitals is a highly scalable way to engage and identify more members sooner. Emvitals is a true value add to our products.


Darrell Moon, CEO, Orriant

Our Impact

Engaged with mental health care for the
first time with Emvitals

Average reduction in behavioral health
risk at re-assessment